Students Wear Skirts To Support Sasha Fleischman, Agender California Teen

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EDITOR'S NOTE: The subject of this story identifies as agender, so we are using "they, their, them," although Sasha's mother uses male pronouns in her interview.

Following a report that a student who identifies as agender had their skirt set on fire by another teen while on a bus, their peers and classmates plan to make an incredible statement of solidarity on Friday.

Sasha Fleischman, an 18-year-old senior at Maybeck High School in Berkeley, Calif., reportedly had their skirt set on fire by 16-year-old Richard Thomas after they fell asleep while riding a bus home. After they woke up, Fleischman was unable to extinguish the blaze independently but did so with the help of the other passengers.

Now, KTVU is reporting that Fleischman's peers have decided to wear either a skirt or a kilt to school on Friday in support of the agender teen.

Maybeck School Director Trevor Cralle told reporters that the incident has dramatically affected the small private school community and asserted that the environment is a safe space for students. "[Students] know they can be themselves and nobody's going to make fun of them," stated Cralle. "We don't have any kind of bullying.”

Thomas is expected to face hate crime charges in conjunction with the attack.

Friends and supporters of Fleischman have set up a donation page in order to help Fleischman's family pay for their medical expenses. For more information or to donate, visit this website.

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