11/09/2013 04:55 pm ET

Alabama Fans Troll Oregon With 'We Forgot Stanford' Shirt (PHOTOS)


For the second year in a row, Oregon fans wanted a shot at Alabama. For the second year in a row, Stanford got in the way. Not surprisingly, Alabama fans enjoyed the entire thing.

Following No. 2 Oregon's upset defeat by No. 6 Stanford on Thursday night, Crimson Tide supporters updated the "We Want Bama" slogan spotted around the Oregon campus earlier this season. This version crossed out the "We Want Bama" message and added "We Forget Stanford."

Alabama fans having fun with Oregon Loss RT Jayson75: here’s the shirt reprinted

— Jim Dunaway (@jimdunaway) November 8, 2013

This was trolling clever enough that #NerdNation likely approved.

Stanford busted the BCS, and #NerdNation has never looked so cool (via @DavidMLombardi).

— ESPN (@espn) November 8, 2013


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