LSU Fan Acts Like A Dinosaur On National TV

11/10/2013 07:32 pm ET | Updated Nov 10, 2013

A Lousiana State University student acted like a dinosaur on national television this weekend.

After a touchdown in the LSU game against Alabama, CBS cameras switched to a celebrating Tigers fan section and slowly focused on engineering student Caleb Bates. He wasn't cheering, he was just pretending to be a Tyrannosaurus Rex.

We're guessing this is one of the ways Bates strives to serve as a "role model for students in every aspect of University life," per his LinkedIn page.

It was inevitable that people would begin making .GIFs of Bates' dinosaur imitation spliced with footage from "Jurassic Park."

Now, of course, Bates is milking his new reputation as a faux-dino.

Apparently no one told Bates it wasn't possible for him to a dinosaur.

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