Student Walks After A Decade In Wheelchair To Inspire The Home Team

11/11/2013 05:36 pm ET
  • Sarah Barness Huffington Post Trends and Digital Innovation editor. Writer, Artist Extraordinaire

Thirteen-year-old Tyler Bain stole the show last Tuesday at Pine Tree Junior High's final home game when he did something amazing.

He walked.

Tyler has been confined to a wheelchair for the past ten years due to injuries sustained in a car accident, but he refuses to let the disability get in his way.

According to, the Texas teen planned the surprise walk a month ago to show the team, the world and himself that anything is possible with perseverance.

Watch Tyler take his first public steps before the Pirates game against Mount Pleasant. He walks all the way to midfield of the stadium with the help of his grandfather, Bob Gillam, and teaching aide, April Smith.

In celebration of the inspirational accomplishment, his coach and Texas history teacher, Paul Ellsworth, named Tyler honorary team captain.

“I’m happy that I finally got to show what I can do. Even though I’m in a wheelchair, don’t go by what I look like. Go by what I have inside, a heart,” Tyler told

Though the football-lover may not be punting a ball, his doctors are optimistic that one day he may walk completely on his own with some surgery and determination.

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