15 Reasons To Say 'I Do' To Wedding Day Tattoos

11/11/2013 11:38 am ET

By Kellee Khalil,

There was a time when the common objection to getting a visible tattoo was, "But what about your wedding?" We're happy to report that those days are mostly over! As tattoos become more common and weddings become less formal and less traditional overall, we're seeing more couples showing off their ink on the Big Day. (We've even declared temporary wedding tattoos the next big bridal trend!) We think it's great that couples don't feel the need to cover up tattoos anymore. After all, you should look like you on your wedding day, and if you have full sleeves or a cool quote on your wrist, there's no reason to hide that. Read on to see our favorite brides and grooms who said "I do" to tattoos!

Many brides make their mark by proudly displaying a tattoo with their wedding gowns...

Not quite that bold? Here are more subtle tattoos that still stand out...

Photo by: James Moes on Well Groomed via

And it's not just brides! Grooms and bridesmaids are showing off their ink.

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