11/12/2013 01:03 pm ET

David Lynch's New Song 'Bad The John Boy' Is Officially Terrifying

Have you been craving some nightmarishly beautiful music from "Twin Peaks" demigod, David Lynch? Well, months after the release of his summer album, "The Big Dream," the king of waving white coiffures has a treat for you.

The artist, filmmaker and musician released “Bad the John Boy" this week, a single he recorded during the sessions for “The Big Dream,” but was never released. Lynch's demonic voice mixes with a whole potpourri of sufficiently terrifying distortion noises, amounting to a pretty frightening listen. How do you continue to simultaneously horrify and amuse us, Mr. Lynch? How?

Let us know your thoughts on the song in the comments. For more of the amazing Lynch, check out his sensual quinoa experience here.


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