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'Awkward': Jenna Slips Further Into Her Bad Girl Phase, Gets Caught Smoking Pot With Collin

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'Awkward': Collin Convinces Jenna To Try Marijuana
'Awkward': Collin Convinces Jenna To Try Marijuana

Is Collin a bad influence for Jenna on "Awkward"? This week, he convinced her to give marijuana a try, which seemed to quickly push her into the world of teenage pothead. Suddenly, she wanted to light up any time life started stressing her out. One of the things stressing her out was the fact that she'd lost all of her friends. In fact, other than Collin and pot, she had no one and nothing. This is not the lovable Jenna who started the series.

All teens go through experimental phases, but with each passing week this one is becoming more and more uncomfortable to watch. Jenna's dad declared Collin a bad influence, but she had her mother on her side -- at least until she betrayed her trust to sneak out and hook up with Collin. And they did hook up.

Afraid that she would lose him if she didn't -- and he did quickly start looking at his phone when she rebuffed his advances -- Jenna ultimately decided to have sex with Collin. She didn't do it out of love or because she really wanted to. She did it for an absolutely terrible reason. Clearly Collin is representing the "bad decisions" phase of her life, but how long will it last? Like everyone else in her life, we miss the old Jenna.

"Awkward" airs Tuesdays at 10:30 p.m. EST on MTV.

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