15 Things To Buy Now That Will Make Your Life Better In 20 Years

11/13/2013 06:14 pm ET | Updated Nov 24, 2013

We love us a good Forever 21 dress or Zara shirt, the sort of thing we'll wear for a few months then swap out for something trendier. But the wiser move would be to shop for investment pieces, the kind of trusty, high-quality items that we'll still love -- and actually wear! -- in 20 years.

So we consulted with the women of HuffPost and gathered up the ultimate list of items to buy now... and to never, ever get rid of.

A black leather jacket
Go for high-quality, and it could last for decades.

leather jackets

A leather handbag
Get one that's sturdy, high-quality leather and ideally medium-sized (not too massive, not so small it's useless). Store it properly, with love and care.

black leather bags

Nice sunglasses
They don't need to be super expensive, but when it comes to sunglasses, price is often correlated with quality. Sunnies by Ray-Ban or Vuarnet, in timeless styles like aviators, will become your prized possessions.


A tailored black blazer
Investing in a quality blazer that won't tear, wilt or go out of style will serve your wardrobe for years. Has there been a recent era in which blazers weren't in style? Our point exactly.

black blazer

A real Irish sweater
Whether you buy it in Ireland or online from a heritage brand like Aran, these chunky sweaters will last. They're so untrendy, they're never not in style, and they'll be the warmest thing in your wardrobe by far.

irish sweater

Crystal jewelry
It's not diamonds, but it still sparkles and will never not be in style. You'll wear those crystal drop earrings forever.

crystal necklace

A diamond tennis bracelet
But there's nothing wrong with diamonds, either. If you can afford the investment, a simple strand of diamonds around the wrist always makes for a tasteful accessory.

timeless clothing

Leather sandals
Whether they're from a high-quality store or bespoke, sturdy huaraches will last for decades as long as they get resoled every few years. And you'll never not want nice sandals for the summer.

leather sandals

A black wool winter coat
If it's made of a quality material (read: not something blended with polyester), a wool coat should last you years. Just keep it clean and store it well!

black coats

A leather wallet
Again, the material matters. A designer leather wallet or one of that caliber should work for years -- and luckily, "wallet trends" don't really exist. When it comes to style, a wallet is a wallet is a wallet.

michael kors

A soft, luxurious scarf
Some women swear that their Hermès scarves were worth the cash (and they just might be). For those who can't afford to splurge on Hermès, a simple yet luxe-feeling scarf in a material like cashmere (think Loro Piana) is a worthy investment.


A Rolex-like watch
It doesn't have to be Rolex, or Cartier or Piaget for that matter. But a silver- or gold-tone watch with a sporty, yet classic feel is always cool -- and it always feels supremely grown-up.


Diamond stud earrings
Expensive, but you only need the one pair. And if you don't lose them, they'll last forever.


Black leather heels
If you want to go big, invest in a brand like Christian Louboutin or Manolo Blahnik, or go for something slightly more affordable. Either way, a classic black pump or kitten heel will serve you well and never feel dated. Just remember to get them resoled.

black heels

A special, big purchase from a trip abroad
Meaningless tchotchkes and trinkets gather dust after trips. But that one special item bought on a major trip, you'll always keep and cherish. And it will bring back memories for decades to come.

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