11/14/2013 11:52 am ET

9 Pictures That Prove Prince Charles Was Kind Of A Stud

In recent years, Prince Charles has garnered a reputation as the goofy would-be king in the royal world -- that pink nose and perpetual cheeky grin don't do much for his sex appeal.

But there was once a time when Charles was kind of a stud. Pre-Diana, when the young prince was galavanting around London charming ladies and playing sports, Charles was a pretty handsome dude. Back then, he rocked cool shades, rock-hard abs and even a grizzly beard (we know). If YM magazine existed back then, we're sure he would've landed his fair share of covers à la his dreamy sons, Princes William and Harry.

In honor of Prince Charles' 65th birthday today (Nov. 14), we're reminding everyone: Yes, this grandfather was once a total babe.

prince charles



charles and lady






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