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If The Future Of Art Is Robotics, At Least It Will Be Adorable

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Meet Robo Faber, the teeny tiny robot artist that is creating random drawings for your human viewing pleasure. He may look like a roomba vacuum or those stick 'n click light fixtures, but he's actually the product of Los Angeles-based designer Matthias Dörfelt.

The artist explained his miniature device, which creates artworks called "Mechanical Parts," to Creative Applications:

I really like that it is in a way a portion of my creative thinking and practice distilled inside of robo faber, frozen in time. Even if I won’t like the drawings thirty years from now, robo faber will still draw and create in a way I though about things now, thirty years earlier.

Essentially, each of Robo Farber's drawings are algorithm-generated images that fulfill the tiny bot's M.O. as an "autonomous drawing robot determined to reproduce." Watch the little guy do its thing in the video above. We humbly suggest a few nicknames for the precocious piece of technology. Dare we say, Robot Rauschenberg or Peter Paul Robots? Sand-Robot-icceli?


Are you drawing yourself with arms, little buddy?


Mmm, maybe not.

h/t Animal New York

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