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Teenage Memories: Reddit Users Share Their Favorite Moments From High School

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We'll be the first to say that being a teen is tough, but fast-forward 10 years from now, and you might find yourself reminiscing about the good ol' days when life seemed a whole lot less complicated.

From receiving college acceptance letters to epic road trips with your besties, your high school years are filled with some of the best memories that you'll take with you in life, as proven by the users of Reddit. They recently took to the social site where they took a stroll down memory lane, reliving their favorite moments as teens.

Scroll down below to read their most memorable high school experiences. Head over to Reddit for the full chain of responses and tweet your #teenmoments (so far!) at @HuffPostTeen!

  • Getting a call from a girl in a mental hospital. A week earlier, she had passed out notes to her friends and I. In these notes, she explained that she had overdosed on medication in an attempt to take her own life. I called the police and an officer came over and asked me a few questions about her. A week later, I get a call. I was worried, as she had been really angry at me when I told her what I had done that day in school- but she wasn't angry now. She thanked me, over and over on the phone, and spoke some of the most important words I have ever heard in my life. I don't remember exactly what she said anymore, but I do remember the meaning, and that "You were the only one who called. None of my other friends cared enough, or took me seriously." To this day, I consider that to be the best decision I have ever made. – Harodan
  • Having almost no responsibility. – BlackShadowRose
  • Being able to ride my bike immense distances with little or no preparation. I get winded climbing onto a couch now. – TheSporkening
  • Being able to skateboard, I miss having no fear jumping down stair sets and what not. I only use a skateboard to travel round on now, doing tricks just hurts and i can't afford to have skating injuries for work. – Kartingf1Fan
  • I worked at a rock climbing gym and taught rock climbing. I did not have a good time in school. I was fairly nerdy, and got teased a lot. I got into rock climbing because of a boy I had a massive crush on, but then kept going with it because I really liked it. It was great for my self-confidence and it was great exercise. – Remontant
  • This was actually quite recent, so my memory is quite vivid: There was this stunningly gorgeous girl who graduated in my class in high school who I'd always been afraid to approach during school. On a whim I started talking to her over the last summer, and it turned out that she had everything in common with me. Fast forward two months -- We went out for a stroll at one in the morning in my neighbourhood, and found a place to sit under the stars. The next two hours were like being in heaven, just existing with the girl of my dreams, her lips against mine and the warmth of her embrace keeping out the night's chill. If I could have made anything last forever, it would have been that night. Because I never saw or heard from her again. She disappeared from my life just as quickly as she'd come into it without a trace. – Sauraku
  • It was probably when I saw my favorite band Enter Shikari for the first time. It was my first concert in over two years. It was the first concert I ever went to without a chaperone. It was also the first of at least 40 concerts I've been to since then. I've had more fun at other shows, but damn, that one will always stick out because it was the start of the first time I was truly happy with myself. – cameron432
  • A group of us took our bikes and rode up over the escarpment and had a potluck-style picnic overlooking the city with nothing surrounding us but forest. We were 15 at the time and one of my favorite memories to look back on. – LightningMaiden
  • I am in my 70s so it was a long time ago. Late teens dancing to The Stones and all the other '60s bands. Early teens, being gone all day with friends playing football and cricket day after day through the summer. We would only go home when we were hungry. – Dizzymoth
  • First time I kissed her. I miss those times. – nickeao
  • Getting acceptance letters from every college I applied to, along with the big scholarship offers. I'd never fit in, so being desired by all these quality schools was a truly great period in my life. – southernmost
  • My junior year of high school may have been the best year of my life. I played on my school's varsity soccer and baseball teams. The soccer team made it to my county's championship game for the first time in 20 years. The baseball team made it to my region's championship game for the first time ever, I believe. While both team's lost their respective games, I'll never forget the camaraderie I formed with those guys and the excitement that came with each teams' run through the playoffs. To this day, even though I don't see them that often, I consider them to be my brothers. It sounds cheesy, but as someone who was big into sports through my teenage years, these were the two biggest stages I've ever played on and that means a lot. – awrobl3
  • Road trip with a friend to catch a AC/DC concert. Totally worth the 13-hour drive. – XxAnubis82xX
  • Overcoming my social fears (some) was a great memory. I remember just feeling confident, strutting around like I was above the world. Still working on the next stage. I can sometimes maintain eye contact for a few seconds now. – EmmaWatsonSnipple
  • Might not be my favorite, but definitely memorable. Last day of school during Sr. year of high school, myself and some friends always had a dream of filling up the back of one of the kid's trucks with water and turning it into a pool. There was a truck that was turned into a pool and it was awesome. Although, now that I've been at college, I really miss not having responsibility, getting just to see and hang out with good friends everyday, and never having to worry about studying for most classes because I'd make a good grade anyway. – badamo