10 Bizarre And Totally Awesome Bea Arthur Artworks That Are Better Than John Currin's

11/15/2013 08:46 am ET

In 1991, John Currin painted a very NSFW rendering of America's collective sassy grandma Bea Arthur, sans shirt. The bare-breasted Bea ruffled quite a few feathers in its day, and again in May 2013 when the piece sold for a whopping $1.8 million to an anonymous bidder who may or may not have been Jimmy Kimmel.

Little did Mr. Currin know that when he exposed the world to the late actor's nude form, he started something far greater. He had unknowingly spun into motion the phenomenon later to be known as "Bea a Day." Artist Michael Denison was inspired by Currin's Bea and decided to make one of his own -- every day. That's right, every day Denison drafts a different side of Bea and the results are pure perfection. There's Bea as Heisenberg, Bea in the "Take On Me" video and Bea as Che Guevara... the list goes on!

See 10 of our favorites Bea-low (sorry!). John Currin, eat your heart out.

1. Heisenberg Bea b

2. Che Bea, or should we say Chea? b

3. Dorothy Bea d

4. Planet of the Beas bea

5. Bea for... Bendetta? bea

6. Spring B(r)ea(k) b

7. MST3k Bea e

8. Kill Bea b

9. BEAVO! b

10. 'Take on Bea' v

BONUS BEA! Classic Babe bea

Denison takes commissions! Tell him what Bea you'd like to see here.

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