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Why We Actually All Love The McRib

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TO GO WITH AFP STORY US-FOOD-SOCIETY-MCDONALD'S A photo of a McDonalds' McRib sandwich, November 2, 2010. Fast food giant McDonald's is bringing back a sandwich -- the McRib -- that gained cult acclaim over the last three decades, in a move lauded by fans known to travel great distances in the hunt for the coveted treat.The boneless pork chop between a bun and slathered with tangy BBQ sauce, topped with onions and pickles, was first launched in 1981, and with rare exceptions has only been offere | PAUL J. RICHARDS via Getty Images

Each year, the McRib makes a brief visit to Earth. Its arrival elicits reactions ranging from horror to awe. And for good reason: this would-be rib sandwich is really a restructured pork patty pressed into the rough shape of a slab of ribs, its slathering of barbecue sauce acting as camouflage as much as coating.

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