Ellen DeGeneres Surprises Co-Workers With Cash And Car, And We're Just As Thrilled As They Are (VIDEO)

11/16/2013 02:58 pm ET

This certainly isn't the first time Ellen DeGeneres has surprised guests on her show, but there's just something special about this instance.

DeGeneres first met Danielle and Norma, two friends, co-workers and devoted Ellen fans, via Skype. She gifted them (enormous) TVs for their workplace at a Los Angeles hospital and invited them to be special guests on her show. Since then, the two declared bankruptcy and have been struggling to make ends meet.

When Danielle and Norma finally joined DeGeneres on the red couch earlier this week, the ever-generous host had even bigger surprises in store.

Even when you think she's through, DeGenerous breaks out yet another surprise. Watch the grateful women's reactions in the video above.

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