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9 Things We're Not Looking Forward To This Week

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Don't worry, we'll all get through this together.

  • 9
    Preparing ourselves for JFK nostalgia overload.
  • 8
    The War On Christmas totally overshadowing the War On Thanksgiving.
  • 7
    Deciding whether we hate global warming because it will wipe out mankind, or because it makes it impossible to dress in the fall.
  • 6
    No longer being able to say "it's just leftover Halloween candy" as an excuse.
  • 5
    Realizing we've been eating apples wrong all these years.
  • 4
    Hoping to find forgotten cash in our winter coat pockets, but nope. Just old tissues.
  • 3
    Accepting that there's no way "Scandal" could possibly be as insane as last week.
  • 2
    The Salvation Army guy throwing shade at you in return for you not throwing coins at him.
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  • 1
    Watching out for Alec Baldwin on the war path. (Look out behind you!)