Guy Documents His Movember Mustache With Hilarious Celebrity-Inspired Instagrams

11/18/2013 10:50 am ET | Updated Nov 18, 2013

Now that we're halfway through Movember, we've seen our fair share of mustaches. However, no one has documented their journey to 'stache stardom as hilariously as Instagram user benjaminjudd.

Judd has been chronicling each day of Movember with a celebrity inspired selfie in order to track the growth of his glorious facial hair. From Prince George to the Biebs to Samuel L. Jackson, the side-by-side comparisons inspire some serious stubble envy.

Even more awesome? He's using his stache-tastic Instagrams to fundraise for men's health issues. You can visit his Mo Space page, where his bio reads "FUTURE KING OF MOVEMBER, ASPIRING TO BE MORE LIKE RON SWANSON", to donate.

  • 1 Prince George
  • Movember starts royally.
  • 2 Alfalfa
  • Things are starting to get a little rascally.
  • 3 Khloe Kardashian
  • "You kan barely see the stubble. So kute."
  • 4 Aziz Ansari
  • Treat yo' self to a month without shaving.
  • 5 Justin Bieber
  • He's got a baby, baby, baby mustacheeeeee!
  • 6 Johnny Depp
  • Things are starting to get serious.
  • 7 Adam Scott
  • There is Knope denying this one.
  • 8 Zayn Malik (One Direction)
  • This Movember experiment can only go in one direction.
  • 9 George Clooney
  • Learning from the master.
  • 10 Jude Law
  • Hey Jude! The paparazzi are just dying for a picture of your 'stache.
  • 11 Ed Westwick
  • Not trying to gossip, but this mustache is really something special.
  • 12 Samuel L. Jackson
  • I have had it with this motherf**king stache on my motherf**king face. Just kidding.
  • 13 Adam Brody
  • Too busy preparing for Chrismukkuh to shave.
  • 14 Matthew Broderick
  • Bueller takes no days off during Movember.
  • 15 Cuba Gooding Jr.
  • Show him 'mo' money!
  • 16 Gene Hackman
  • Starting to look truly royal.