11/20/2013 12:14 pm ET

7 Reasons To Be Excited For The Return Of The Booty Lounge Mobile Strip Club (NSFW)

The booty bus is bouncing back, and it's got a great rear-view.

Detroit fans can finally have something to look forward to besides football. The Booty Lounge, a mobile strip club, announced on Facebook that it is returning to tailgate parties at Lions games. Because nothing says America like booze, balls, and butts.

The Booty Lounge was shut down in 2011 while being investigated by the Detroit Police, Heritage Newspapers reported. But now, apparently, it's street legal. And Motor City now has a rolling pleasure palace that gives all-new meaning to the term "auto body."

So why should Detroit be excited? It's not about the strippers, it's about the assets that come with The Booty Lounge. Allow us to explain.

    Facebook / Booty Lounge
    Seriously, what's more American than that? Blast some Kid Rock and lets get this party started.
  • 2 The Decorative Inside
    Facebook / Booty Lounge
    Marvel at the beautiful oak floors, freshly polished mirrors and the industrial-strength steel pole! And just look at that carpet, so soft! Don't you just want to walk around barefoot? No, but don't.
  • 3 The Comfy Couches
    Facebook / Booty Lounge
    Come for the stripping, stay for the couches. Just uh, don't take a backlight to them. Ever.
  • 4 Motorcycles
    Facebook / Booty Lounge
    Pro tip: cruise up to the Booty Lounge on your motorcycle and all the cuties are gonna want a picture on that hog. Here's some more Kid Rock.
  • 5 Be Cool Like This Guy!
    Facebook / Booty Lounge
    He looks downright fedorable.
  • 6 Hot Cops
    Facebook / Booty Lounge
    Don't worry ladies, the Booty Lounge has a little something for you too. Jim Dangle has never looked so good.
  • 7 All The Wonderful Culture
    Facebook / Booty Lounge
    What uh...what was I saying again?


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