11/20/2013 09:06 am ET

The 9 Things You'll See In Decor Hell (PHOTOS)

The years between 1950 and, say, 1975 have inspired countless designers, furniture manufacturers and blogs. The ubiquity of decor that cherry-picks nostalgia has, at times, felt a little dull. And while we can get behind clean-lined furniture or even bold brass accents, so much good taste can suffocate. Plus, worshipping at the altar of vintage can often overlook the less-desirable trends of the era. And by "less-desirable" we mean "decor hell."

Take a look...

(All photos via x-ray delta one's Flickr feed, which we think is a national treasure and worth a thousand looks.)

  • Avocado Cabinets
    Flickr/x-ray delta one
    Absolutely inescapable in the sixties, especially the latter part.
  • Too Many Tiles & Guns
    Flickr/x-ray delta one
    See that? It's a tiled kitchen...and living/dining area. We suppose its easier to clean up after any misfires? (Are those targets on the floor?)
  • Busy-Wallpapered Ceilings
    Flickr/x-ray delta one
    This room would have been fine, albeit loud, if the wallpaper wasn't extended to the ceiling. Or the curtains. We might have even overlooked the shag carpet, too.
  • Too Much Pink
    The inspiration here? Parisian nightclub meets Pepto.
  • Decor Fit For Restaurants
    Flickr/x-ray delta one
    We took one look at this and was immediately reminded of The Ground Round, which we remember as a rather dark restaurant decorated much like this.
  • Overdoing The Green Idea
    Flickr/x-ray delta one
    Every piece here is fine on its own. All together? Decor hell.
  • Plaid. Lots Of Plaid.
    Flickr/x-ray delta one
    If you stare at this photo too long, the lines start to move.
  • Whatever This Is
    Flickr/x-ray delta one
    A shaggy, orange plaid sleigh bed, ottoman, pillows and carpet set. Need we say more?


Furniture That May Become Extinct
Furniture That May Become Extinct