French People Take The Most Days Off Yet Feel The Most Deprived, And Other Vacation Factoids

11/20/2013 07:24 am ET
Floresco Productions via Getty Images

It’s weird to think the government mandates paid vacation time in pretty much every country besides the United States. Oh, to what exotic destinations we would go if we only had the time!

What’s even weirder, though, is that the people who get an entire month off feel the least satisfied: Expedia’s annual Vacation Deprivation survey found 90% of French people feel vacation deprived.

Here’s our breakdown of who gets to vacation, for how long they go, and what we Americans have to say about the matter.

Don't become a statistic-- use this year's lingering vacation days on last-minute trip to Disneyland, an all-inclusive resort, or somewhere off the beaten path.

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