And This Is How You Turn An Art Gallery Into A Giant, Enchanted Disco Ball

11/21/2013 08:35 am ET

Art has an uncanny ability to wedge itself between fantasy and reality, creating a space where the fruits of the imagination can be experienced and touched. Artist Soo Sunny Park takes this concept to the extreme with her installation "Unwoven Light," a massive, plexiglass quilt that undulates throughout a gallery space.


Park twisted fragments of chain-link fences into the skeleton of the piece, inserting hundreds of plexiglass squares in the frames the wires created. When the light bounces off the little glass crystals, the piece resembles something between a deconstructed disco ball and a mythical rainbow fish's scales.

"I want to create an environment that looks as though or feels as though it is an imaginative space, but you're physically there," Park explains in the video below, "like touching and experiencing it. So this idea of turning the otherworldy or magic or fantasy into a physical reality."

We think it's safe to say she achieved her goal, bringing the glitter-soaked visuals normally saved for daydreams and fairy tales to Rice University's Art Gallery.

The piece unfortunately closed in August but you can get a feel for the magic in the video alone. Widescreen it, trust us.






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