Cue Beyoncé -- party season is officially underway. That not only means that drinks are starting to flow and LBDs are making their way out of storage, but that there's some healthy competition heating up as well. (Who will walk away with that "Host With The Most" crown, after all?)

According to online ticketing service Eventbrite, 1 in 5 people plan to attend more than three events this holiday season, and 60 percent expect to party it up at as many events as they did last year.

The most popular soiree of the season? The company party, as indicated by the adorable infographic Eventbrite drew up.

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As for where you'll find the most company-sponsored, egg-nog fueled merriment, Eventbrite says these 10 cities come out on top:

  1. New York
  2. San Francisco
  3. Chicago
  4. Washington D.C.
  5. Atlanta
  6. Los Angeles
  7. Boston
  8. Houston
  9. Austin
  10. San Diego

Check out more findings from Eventbrite's "2013 Holiday Celebration Trends" on their blog and our tips for hosting in the slideshow below.

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  • Time Gives You Choices

    DO begin the initial process at least four months in advance. It's never too early to start planning. The calendars of event planners, hotels, caterers, entertainers, and other vendors can get booked quickly.

  • Represent You

    DON'T lose your personality. If you don't like pastels, don't choose them in your color palette. Think about what you wear normally, the shades in your home, what you are you drawn to naturally. You are comfortable with these colors already, so start here.

  • Create A Mood

    DO think about natural lighting. Sunlight during the day or candlelight at night creates an ambient glow that will give your party a welcoming appearance. Candlelight is very effective in setting the tone and creating the mood for your party. And everyone looks great in candlelight.

  • Ignite The Senses

    DO think "smell." It is an often overlooked sense, but a very powerful one. A planted herb garden or arrangements of fresh peonies are sometimes all it takes to transform the scent of your party.

  • Think About The Experience

    DO stay in character by creating seamless transitions between rooms. It can be as easy as a candle in the bathroom and a lantern at the front door. There should be a natural flow between the common areas of your party.

  • Take A Seat

    DON'T make guests stand. Present a variety of comfortable seating options that are close enough for conversation yet separated enough to create "landing areas" for guests to interact with one another and maintain a flow throughout the party.

  • Mess-Free Bites

    DON'T get your fingers dirty. Give guests the gift of napkin-free food by creating hors d'oeuvres that can be enjoyed in one bite

  • Make Introductions

    DO be sure to take the time to walk around and greet everyone. Also be sure to introduce everyone to each other. It will make the atmosphere more welcoming and comfortable and will help some people to "break the ice."

  • Accommodate Yourself And Your Guests

    DO make it easy for guests to feel comfortable. Provide them with the necessities -- storage for their bags and coats, coasters for their drinks, cozy seating with their friends.

  • Smile

    DO take the time to relax, smile and enjoy your party. You've put a lot of effort into providing your friends and family with a good time. Remember that guests feed off of your mood, so best to be calm, cool and collected and not pre-occupied, rushed, or anxious.