Now that's got to hurt.

Food Network host Giada De Laurentiis had a bloody mess on her hands Saturday (Nov. 23) when she sliced open her finger while filming the channel's annual Thanksgiving Live special. The chef was cutting a turkey roll at the time when the mishap occurred.

After accidentally slicing her left index finger, the show cut to commercials and De Laurentiis stepped away to receive medical attention.

"She seemed to go pale and got very quiet putting pressure on it and whispering to [Ina Garten] that it was bad," an eyewitness told "She looked like she was about to faint."

De Laurentiis later posted a before-and-after photo of her gruesome injury on Instagram.

Perhaps because De Laurentiis' injury was not too serious -- she reportedly returned to the show 15 minutes later -- Thanksgiving Live host Alton Brown decided to make light of the accident on Twitter.

It just goes to show that even the pros can have an accident in the kitchen.

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