11/24/2013 12:15 pm ET | Updated Nov 26, 2013

7 Thanksgiving Aprons That Will Make You Lose Your Appetite (PHOTOS)

Thanksgiving is meant to bring out the best in us. For some that means our most grateful side; for others, our most domestic. In the latter camp, Martha Stewart disciples and deep-fried-turkey devotees abound, as well as those who get so wrapped up in the holiday that their enthusiasm borders on uncomfortable.

Sign number one you've gone into the deep end? Wearing one of these over-the-top Thanksgiving aprons.

  • We've Lost Our Appetite
    Baster and chef's hat not included -- thanks goodness. $11.99,
  • The "Funny" Guy
    Your eyes roll so hard that you bruise your sockets. $23 on Zazzle.
  • Um, what?
    The spacing on these letters is...unfortunate. $35, from etsy.
  • Pom Pom Parade
    Warning: One of these pom poms is bound to end up atop someone's sweet potato pie. $30, Etsy
  • Pilgrim Chic
    Full-length for a little extra spill protection and a lot of unfortunate references to the past. $34.99, Etsy
  • The Bottle Apron
    A cross-stitched cozy for your wine, because... why not? $20, Etsy
  • "Why yes, he's still single"
    No. Just no. $23, from Zazzle.


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