This Is What A Food Coma Looks (And Feels) Like

11/26/2013 01:36 pm ET | Updated Nov 28, 2013

Stomach growling, famished and intense feelings of hanger. We've all been there.

Diets and discipline are thrown out the window in place of unbridled feasting on Thanksgiving. It's a gluttonous, vicious cycle of calories and contrition. But you know what? You deserve this.

You've lightly snacked all day in order to indulge now. And duh, you aren't playing around. You came prepared. food coma gifs

Time for the fam to take their seats at the table! But where's dad? You can't dig in without him. Waiting ... great. food coma gifs

Plates on top of plates on top of plates are put in front of you. Everything smells delicious. So many options. What speaks to your desire? food coma gifs

You take that blissful first bite. Delectable. Flavorful. food coma gifs

This is an epicurean experience like no other. Bread and butter; smooth, silky soup and cheesy goodness. Bring it on, second course! food coma gifs

Crisp veggies crunch in your mouth as you chew. Oh, crap. Spaghetti. A piping hot dish is dropped from the Italian heavens. food coma gifs

There's no stopping it now. food coma gifs

Breathe. This is a marathon, not a sprint. food coma gifs

You're close to bursting at this point. But then mom takes your favorite dessert out of the oven. Muster the strength to binge on. food coma gifs

Your brother watches in horror. There's no end in sight as a second wind rolls in, simultaneously with pangs of guilt. But ... cake. Frosting. Sugar. Life. food coma gifs

Lifting that fork is terrible. It's all downhill from here. Just one more taste. food coma gifs

Painful triumph. Then the inevitable happens. Digestion catches up with intake. FEELING ALL OF THE AWFUL FEELINGS. food coma gifs

The fullness is unbearable. It was a blur. Now your insides make you want to die. food coma gifs

Unbuttoning pants without question. Don't judge. What is happening? food coma gifs

How could food be so vicious? food coma gifs

Oh god, you can't even look at another glass of wine. No. You've hit the limit. food coma gifs

The food coma takes over. You're grossly knocked down and out. So much sadness. food coma gifs

Life flashes before your eyes as you contemplate the damage you did. It feels disgusting but it was worth those minutes of pure meal magic. food coma gifs

You vow to never experience this pain again ... food coma gifs

... Until next time. Right now, you've got more important things to do. food coma gifs

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