Kids Telling The Story Of Thanksgiving Is Adorable, If Not Totally Accurate (VIDEO)

11/27/2013 02:01 pm ET

Do you remember the story of Thanksgiving?

As we grow older, the day seems to be less about pilgrims and Native Americans and friendship, and more about Black Friday and shuttling relatives to and from the airport.

But don't worry, the kids in this video can fill you in on all the historical details behind Turkey Day.. well, sort of.

Their rendition might not be the most factual, but it's certainly the most entertaining.

"Girls always wore stockings," says one interviewee.

"They almost never wore casual clothes," says another.

"I'm imagining people in cave men lion cloths with a few stains on them from who knows what," says a third, referring to Native Americans.

And, the winner:

"Now we call African Americans Indians."

Watch the video above.. you won't regret it!

H/T: Uproxx

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