George Clooney's Polka Dot W Cover Is Super Loud... But He Still Looks Great, Of Course (PHOTOS)

12/02/2013 10:52 am ET
  • Ellie Krupnick Senior Editor of Viral Content and Strategy, The Huffington Post

We should have figured George Clooney was an art aficionado. But we could have never anticipated his level of fashion daring.

Clooney is the cover star of W's Art Issue, an annual tradition that previously brought us Kim Kardashian naked and Nicki Minaj in a surrealist get-up. Clooney didn't strip down, but rather got buttoned-up in a bold black and white polka dot suit. In front of a polka dot background. With a polka dot car.

The arresting spread, shot by Emma Summerton and styled by Michael Kucmeroski, is an unexpectedly high fashion turn for Clooney, who's most often seen in sleek tuxedos. The Giorgio Armani suit and shirt, customized by Yayoi Kusama, are a loud statement, as is the hint of makeup we spy on Clooney's face (is that guyliner?).

But the accompanying article gives at least a bit of explanation for Clooney's arty move. The actor's latest film, "The Monuments Men," is about a team of art historians and museum directors and curators who fight to save works of art stolen by Adolf Hitler during World War II.

Not sure how Clooney's polka dots fit in there, but it doesn't really matter. Wild as this outfit is, of course, he pulls it off. Because he's George Clooney. See more photos at


george clooney

george clooney

george clooney

We're more used to seeing George like this...

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