11 Gift Ideas For Women That Are Better Than Candles And Bath Salts

12/02/2013 01:43 pm ET | Updated Nov 18, 2014

Finding a gift for the important women in your life can be hard, no matter how well you know them. But this year, instead of plying them with the candles, bath salts and strange aromatherapy oils that have become default presents for women, we recommend buying her something fun, unique and fragrance-free. Here are our picks:

1. "A Woman's Place Is In The House And The Senate" tank, $23.99, from Wicked Clothes.
a womans place

2. "Bad Ass" tote bag, $26-32, from Etsy.
bad ass

3. "Remember, You Have As Many Hours In A Day As Beyonce" printable, $4.99, from Etsy.
beyonce print

4. "I Am Only Pretending To Be Organized" pouch, $16.50, from Etsy.

5. The Most Of Nora Ephron, $22.99, from Amazon.
most of nora ephron

6. "Isn't It Amazing What Clever Girls Can Do" print, $10, from Etsy.
clever girls

7. "Ok" iPhone 5/5s case, $25.99, from BlissfulCASE NY.

8. "The Kind Of Girl You Just Didn't Mess With" business card holder, $15, from Etsy.
business card holder

9. The Book Of Jezebel, $16, from Amazon.
book of jezebel

10. "I Like Big Books And I Cannot Lie" print, $10, from Etsy.
big books

11. "There's Always Time For A Glass Of Wine" tea towel, $8.95, from Paper Source.
wine tea towel

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