This Two-Legged Boxer Pup Found The Most Adorable Accessory For His New Wheelchair

12/03/2013 03:04 pm ET

Even though Duncan Lou Who's two hind legs were amputated about a month ago due to a severe birth deformity, the spunky boxer pup doesn't need his wheelchair to keep up with other dogs. A video of him running free on just two legs made the 4-month-old pooch an Internet star last month.

Recently, though, he's had to adjust to using a wheelchair. But his trusty puppy pal, Ducky, wouldn't let him go the new path alone.

Panda Paws Rescue released an adorable new video of Duncan giving Ducky a ride in his customized cart.

"Ducky climbed onto the back of his space ship and instantly Duncan felt more confident," owner Amanda Giese told Seattle's KING-TV. "You could see his whole posture change, his eyes lit up, he wanted to go go go and run with the others."

With or without your wheelchair, you inspire us, Duncan.

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