12/02/2013 11:42 am ET | Updated Jan 23, 2014

Wall Street Is Delusional, In 2 Charts

You may be surprised to learn that, after more than $100 billion in fines and record-breaking penalties and widespread public disgust since the financial crisis it helped create, Wall Street still has America's trust. At least according to Wall Street.

Nearly 60 percent of financial industry executives say they have a positive view of Wall Street's reputation for ethical conduct, according a recent survey from the Economist Intelligence Unit.


Despite Wall Street executives' glowing view of their industry's reputation, normals seem to disagree. Below are the results of the 2013 Edelman trust barometer, a survey of 31,000 people that aims to measure trust in brands, industries and leaders. (Notice financial services is the least-trusted industry).

chart 2

There you have it. The huge gulf between Wall Street's perception of itself and everyone else's in two charts.


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