12/03/2013 09:47 am ET | Updated Dec 03, 2013

Beyonce Tops Bing's Most Searched Person Of The Year List Of 2013

Who runs the world? Beyonce does.

Search engine Bing aggregated millions of search queries to find out who the most searched person of 2013 was and, no drum roll necessary, Mrs. Carter totally takes the crown.

bing most searched gif

Beyonce dethroned Kim Kardashian, who was the most searched person in 2012. The reality star comes in at second place this year, right before Rihanna (no. 3), Taylor Swift (no. 4) and Madonna (no. 5).

The 32-year-old singing sensation also leads the most searched-for musicians list. Here, too, following Beyonce's lead are Rihanna, Taylor Swift and Madonna, in that order.

Bing notes that only two men made the female-dominated Most Searched list: Justin Bieber and Barack Obama (yup, Biebes trumps the President). Also worth mentioning: Selena Gomez, Jennifer Anniston, Lindsay Lohan and Katy Perry all fell out of the Top 10 this year, after placing nicely in 2012.

For more on which celebrities were most searched for including athletes, musicians, designers and more, head over to Bing's blog.


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