NEW YORK (AP) — Tired of staring at your Christmas tree or flickering menorah — or at legions of rival shoppers at the mall?

Here, in no particular order, are 10 home-video releases to give or get this holiday season. All are available online (to spare you another shopping expedition) and are typically available for less than the suggested list price here:

— "'Big' 25th Anniversary Edition." (Release date Dec. 10. Fox Home Entertainment. Blu-ray and DVD combo, $19.99.) Everyone loves this 1988 comedy starring Tom Hanks as a 12-year-old man-child, even now as "Big" hits its 25th birthday. Also starring Robert Loggia and Elizabeth Perkins. Directed by Penny Marshall.

— "Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman." (Shout Factory! All 325 episodes plus bonus features on 38 discs. $249.95.) This Norman Lear comedy was a groundbreaking spoof of a daily soap opera, presented five nights a week in 1976 and '77. Louise Lasser stars as the addled Fernwood, Ohio, suburban housewife, surrounded by a loony bin of fellow citizens including a country-singing best friend and her devoted husband (Mary Kay Place and Graham Jarvis), Fernwood's devious mayor (Dabney Coleman) and identical twins Barth and Garth Gimble (Martin Mull).

— "Futurama." (Release date Dec. 10. Fox Home Entertainment. $199.98.) Never as appreciated as Matt Groening's signature cartoon series, "The Simpsons," this time trip to New York City of the next millennium is at least as inspired, with a narrative as sprawling as the universe it lampooned. The set includes all 124 episodes, plus four feature-length adventures.

— "Cleopatra." (Fox Home Entertainment. Blu-ray, $24.99.) What can you say about this epic belly-flop whose co-stars, Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, upstaged their legendary characters with their own headline-making hanky-panky? Can there be any doubt that this is a masterpiece of wretched excess? Now its four-hours-and-then-some grand display is available in a newly restored and re-mastered edition to commemorate its 50th anniversary.

— "'Downton Abbey' Seasons 1, 2, 3." (PBS Distribution. DVD, $89.99; Blu-ray, $99.99.) If perchance you haven't already glommed onto the first three seasons of this plush soap opera, or if you want them for your permanent drawing-room amusement, they're available just in time for the U.S. premiere of season 4 next month. Carrying the viewer from pre-war England through the storms of World War I and into the social upheaval of 1920s-era Britain, this 9-disc set has bonus videos including "Downton Abbey: The Making of" and "Behind the Drama."

— "'Doctor Who': The Complete Series 1-7." (BBC Home Entertainment. Blu-ray, $349.98.) This seemingly immortal British sci-fi series began in 1963, but here is a new collection drawn from the past decade or so (designated as seasons 1-7 — go figure), including Ninth Doctor Christopher Eccleston, Tenth Doctor David Tennant and Eleventh Doctor Matt Smith, plus extras like a Doctor Who Universal Remote Control Sonic Screwdriver. (Life-size police phone box, however, is not included.)

— "Man of Steel." (Warner Bros. Home Entertainment. Blu-ray Combo Pack $35.99, with additional formats and product options available.) The fate of mankind lies in the hands of one man (yet again) with the home-video release of this 2013 Superman adventure. Starring Henry Cavill, with Zack Snyder directing, it finds Clark Kent forced to confront his extraterrestrial past and embrace his hidden powers when Earth is threatened with destruction. Amy Adams, Kevin Costner, Diane Lane, Laurence Fishburne and Russell Crowe co-star.

— "The Canyons." (MPI Home Video. DVD, $24.98; Blu-ray: $29.98.) This might have marked the cred-restoring comeback of Lindsay Lohan, and a career resurrection for director Paul Schrader (who long ago made "American Gigolo" and wrote "Taxi Driver"). Instead, this erotic thriller is an instant camp classic and a further erosion of Lohan loyalists' argument that she can act. Lohan plays the girlfriend of a Los Angeles movie producer, portrayed by adult movie actor James Deen, who together engage in erotic encounters with couples found on the Internet. Worth the purchase price for gleeful hate-watching.

— "Photo: A History From Behind the Lens." (Acorn/Athena. DVD, $49.99.) These 12 episodes follow the development of photography from its beginnings to more recent times, from the surrealists to the primitives, the press, experimental photography of the 1920s, and the art of digital illusion. Its big-picture lesson: how the camera has changed the way we see the world.

— "'Breaking Bad': The Complete Series." (Sony. Blu-ray, $299.00.) A great score for any drama addict's stash. Starring Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul, it's the best TV drama series of all time — or, if it isn't, Heisenberg dares you to convince him there's a better one. The set includes all five seasons on 16 discs plus an all-new two-hour documentary, a commemorative money barrel and a Los Pollos Hermanos apron for cooking fried chicken (or other things).


EDITOR'S NOTE — Frazier Moore is a national television columnist for The Associated Press. He can be reached at and at .

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  • "Nashville" Soundtrack

    From Hayden Panettiere and Charles Esten's duet on the catchy "Undermine" to the hauntingly simple "Telescope" cover by sisters Lennon and Maisy Stella, this is the perfect stocking stuffer for the "Nashville" lover on your list. Price: $12.98; <a href="">Buy it here</a>

  • Nick Offerman Woodshop Mustache Comb

    Whether the men in your life love "Parks and Recreation's" Ron Swanson or just good grooming, this mustache comb comes straight from Nick Offerman's own woodshop. Bonus: You can customize it with any initials for an additional $25. Price: $75; <a href="">Buy it here</a>

  • TieTheKnot.Org Bowtie

    Look stylish while giving back. These handsome bowties are made of 100 percent silk and 100 percent of the proceeds go to, "Modern Family" star Jesse Tyler Ferguson's non-profit supporting marriage equality, which he started with his fiance Justin Mikita. Price: $25 each; <a href="">Buy it here</a>

  • Joffrey Target

    There is perhaps <a href="">no more hated character on TV than "Game of Thrones'" Joffrey</a>, and there is perhaps no more stressful time of year than the holidays. Winter is coming, so why don't you get out your aggression with a nice game of darts on the boy king's face? Price: $24.95; <a href="">Buy it here</a>

  • Hulu Plus Subscription

    Sure, Netflix has a lot of great stuff, but Hulu Plus has all the newest shows and the newest episodes. It's basically like buying TV shows on iTunes, but for far cheaper. If you're behind on a show -- and your DVR can only hold so much -- Hulu Plus is your answer. Price: $7.99 per month; <a href="">Buy it here</a>

  • "Once Upon a Time" Print

    Make your office a tad more regal with these "Once Upon a Time" prints. The perfect gift for fairytale fans and those Evil Regals in your life. Price: $49.95; <a href="">Buy it here</a>

  • "Arrested Development" iPhone Case

    Get ready for the new episodes of "Arrested Development" (spring 2013!) and dress up your iPhone at the same time. A perfect gift for fans of great comedy. Price: $35.65; <a href="">Buy it here</a>

  • "Community" Christmas Figurine Set

    Even though "Community" <a href="">doesn't return until February 7</a>, you can still inject a little Greendale spirit into your holidays with this set of collectable figurines, inspired by the show's Season 2 stop-motion episode, "Abed's Uncontrollable Christmas." Price: $49.99; <a href="">Buy it here</a>

  • "The Big Bang Theory" Singing Soft Kitty Plush

    Winter colds are no laughing matter, but since <em>everyone's</em> liable to get the sniffles this holiday season, you know someone's going to be able to put this Soft Kitty plush to good use. It might not be quite as comforting as Penny (or Sheldon's mom) singing you to sleep, but it's sure to cheer up the "Big Bang" fan in your life. Price: $29.99; <a href="">Buy it here</a>

  • "Star Trek" Federation: The First 150 Years

    For the discerning Trekkie, this lavish hardcover book (with light-up display pedestal featuring an audio introduction from George Takei's Hikaru Sulu) chronicles the first 150 years of the Federation's history. It includes field sketches, illustrations, and reproductions of historic pieces of art from across the Galaxy, along with over 50 excerpts from key Federation documents and correspondence, Starfleet records, and intergalactic intelligence. Set phasers to stunned. Price: $59.99; <a href="">Buy it here</a>

  • The TV Hat

    Once you get past the ridiculousness of this, there is the distinct possibility it <em>could</em> actually be cool. Wanna watch TV while in bed, in the car or on vacation, but don't want to watch on an actual TV, or hold your phone in your hands? You're all set. <strong>Price:</strong> $29.95, buy one, get one free; <a href="">Buy it here</a>

  • "Doctor Who" Limited Edition Gift Set

    The ultimate gift for any "Doctor Who" fan. It features 70+ hours of the show, including three never-before-seen-on-DVD TV specials. <strong>Price:</strong> $234.98; <a href="">Buy it here</a>

  • "Mad Men": The Illustrated World

    This illustrated book is a salute to Madison Avenue in the 1960s -- and ties in nicely with "Mad Men," capturing the intrigue, cocktails and scandal of advertising in that era in a collection of colorful drawings. <strong>Price:</strong> $10.20 ; <a href="">Buy it here</a>

  • "Treat Yo Self!" Pin

    The perfect stocking stuffer for the people in your life who love "Parks And Recreation" ... and treating themselves. Price: $1.50, <a href="">Buy it</a> here

  • "Breaking Bad" Poster

    "Breaking Bad" is enjoyable for a lot of reasons, but Jesse Pinkman's love of science is one of the most reliably awesome things about the show. Let's face it, magnets are pretty great, as is this poster. Price: $16.00; <a href="">Buy it here</a>

  • "The Walking Dead" Plush Figures

    This set of 11.5 inch plush figures makes a perfect gift for the "Walking Dead" fan in your life. Keep them on the couch to squeeze tight when the zombie-killing action gets too gory. Price: $63; <a href="">Buy it here</a>

  • "Sherlock" Shirt

    This is the perfect gift for the "Sherlock" fanatic in your life. The shirt references the first episode of the detective series' second season. Our deduction: This gift will be a hit. Price: $27.20; <a href="">Buy it here</a>

  • "The Revolution Was Televised"

    TV Critic Alan Sepinwall's self-published book on TV's Golden Age makes the perfect gift for anyone who was a fan of "Lost," "The Sopranos," "The Wire," "Breaking Bad" or "Mad Men." Price: $16.99; <a href="">Buy it here</a>

  • "Battlestar Galactica" Poster Set

    Have someone in your life whose devotion to the Colonial Fleet remains strong? Wow that person with these "vintage" posters that recall the epic Cylon-human struggle. Price: $29.95; <a href="">Buy them here</a>.

  • "Archer" Magazine Cover

    Know an "Archer" fan whose bachelor pad could use a little suave decoration? Pick up this sweet poster, which commemorates that time Sterling Archer and Lana Kane posed for the cover of a fancy French magazine. Price: $12.95; <a href="">Buy it here</a>.

  • The Unofficial "Downton Abbey" Cookbook

    A cookbook boasting recipes for Lady Mary's Crab Canapes and Mrs. Patmore's Christmas Pudding is the perfect gift for a friend or relative who's savvy in the kitchen and obsessed with the lavish lifestyle of "Downton Abbey." Price: $14; <a href="">Buy it here</a>