12/04/2013 09:05 am ET

Amazing, Cheap Gifts For Food People That Are Under $10 (GIFT GUIDE)

Can you feel the holiday gifting frenzy brewing around you? We sure can. Each year, we do our best to give our friends things we know they'll actually love. As it just so happens, most of our people are food people and we like to gift accordingly. Of course there are those closest to us who we want to splurge on the perfect gift. Then there's this other category of people we love dearly and want to give amazing gifts to, but need to embrace the realization that we're not made of money.

The great news is, when thinking about gifts that you know will make people happy, food people are the easiest to buy for because there are basically endless options. Below, we've rounded up 10 of our favorite cheap food gifts under $10.

  • 1 Bourbon Maple Syrup
    The bottle is beautiful and the contents are delicious. Those two things make for a perfect little gift.

    Bourbon Maple Syrup, $4.00 on Mouth.com
  • 2 "The 12 Desserts Of Christmas" E-Cookbook
    Peaches, Please!
    This awesome e-cookbook is full of gorgeous photos and lovely recipes. Do not miss the Champagne Pomegranate Jelly Shots or the Eggnog Cream Puffs.

    "The 12 Desserts Of Christmas" Cookbook, $5.00 from Peaches, Please!
  • 3 Tovolo King Cube Ice Trays
    Need a gift for a cocktail nerd? Give them the gift of perfect ice.

    Tovolo King Cube Ice Trays, $8.50 on Amazon
  • 4 Emily G's Pear Honey Jam
    Emily G's
    A delicious seasonal jam from one of our favorite Jamstresses. (As an added bonus, Emily provides cheese pairings for each of her jams on her website. She is great.)

    Emily G's Pear Honey Jam, $8.50 from Emily G's
  • 5 100 Plus Year Old Alaskan Sourdough Starter
    This tiny bag of weird stuff has the potential to yield endlessly satisfying sourdough for your favorite baker.

    100 Plus Year Old Alaskan Sourdough Starter, $7.99 on Etsy
  • 6 Worcestershire Sauce
    Most modern worcestershire sauces are filled with weird chemicals. Try the real stuff once and you'll never go back.

    Worcestershire Sauce, $7.00 on Mouth.com
  • 7 Grow Your Own Beer Plant Kit
    This amazing shop also sells a coffee bean version and a Trinidad Scorpion pepper version. DIY nerds will swoon.

    Grow Your Own Beer Plant Kit, $8.40 on Etsy
  • 8 Hoskins Berry Farm Blackberry Vinegar
    A holiday gift is a great time to give someone something delicious that they'd probably never buy for themselves. Tie a silver ribbon around this and you're set!

    Hoskins Berry Farm Blackberry Vinegar, $5.00 on Mouth.com
  • 9 Mozzarella And Ricotta Cheese Kit
    When in doubt, give the gift of cheese.

    Mozzarella and Ricotta Cheese Kit, $9.24 on Etsy
  • 10 Ramen Noodle Chocolate Bar
    These would make unexpected and memorable gifts for co-workers and friends. Bonus: it's actually delicious in addition to being totally weird.

    Ramen Noodle Chocolate Bar, $4.50 on Mouth.com

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