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Crazy Facts You Didn't Know About Comic Book Superheroes, Visualized (INFOGRAPHIC)

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Who is the fastest man alive? What sort of pizza do the Ninja Turtles eat the most? These and more pressing questions are answered in Super Graphics [Chronicle Books, $18.95], a collection of infographics that visualize the fascinating minutiae of the comic book world.

The book includes both facetious illustrations and thought-provoking charts, including all of the pop culture references in Scott Pilgrim Versus the World, and a map of the political ideologies of heroes and villains (Thor is on the conservative side, and the Hulk is, of course, a Libertarian).

Check out these hilarious infographics, and learn more than you ever thought you wanted to know about superheroes:

  • 70 Years of Wonder Woman's Legs
  • How to Read a Comic Book
  • Pizzas of the Turtles
  • Politics of Good VS Evil
  • Pop Culture in Scott Pilgrim
  • Who is the Fastest Man Alive