12/05/2013 07:58 am ET | Updated Feb 04, 2014

Bill O'Reilly 'Threatens' To Take Christmas Away From Jon Stewart

Ah, Christmas: the time when media frenemies--heck, who are we kidding, let's just call them friends--Jon Stewart and Bill O'Reilly begin their traditional public squabbling about O'Reilly's annual "War On Christmas" freakout.

Stewart mocked O'Reilly on Tuesday, so O'Reilly had to come back on Wednesday--and come back he did, calling Stewart a "Grinch" and threatening to take away Christmas from him, which is definitely something O'Reilly can do, and also Stewart is a well-known practitioner of the Jewish faith, so he never exactly had Christmas to begin with, but it was all a joke, so maybe we're overthinking it?

Anyway, you can watch the video above, and don't forget: there's one more "War On Christmas" special you absolutely have to see.