12/06/2013 08:24 am ET | Updated Dec 06, 2013

'Glee' Mid-Season Finale: Santana Is Viciously Awesome As Mrs. Claus (VIDEO)

It was last Christmas on the mid-season finale of "Glee." Thanks to the show taking two seasons to get through one year of school, the ongoing narrative is already into the spring. So this episode was set up like a "lost" holiday installment that should have aired last Christmas. Regardless, it was certainly one of the wackier installments of the show in recent memory.

While the gang at McKinley High was competing in Christmas tree contests and auditioning for a live nativity scene, the group in New York was looking for some extra cash over the holiday break. And because of this we got the short-lived but glorious reign of Santana as Mrs. Claus.

She was gloriously Santana, snapping judgments and insults at the kids as they filtered through. She told one poor kid, "I think that you should ask Santa to get your daddy a job with some dental benefits, because your grill is friggin' jacked up.” Wetpaint's Ryan Gajewski called it the best of several over-the-top moments in the memorable episode.

PopSugar's Maggie Pehanick thought "Santana Claus" was utterly fabulous, while PopCrush's Cassandra Rose was having a blast watching Santana be so terrible at her job. And we want a "Santana Claus" pull-string doll loaded with plenty of insults for the holidays now!

"Glee" moves to Tuesday nights when it returns to Fox on February 25.

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