Jorge Ramos On The Daily Show: Hopefully We'll Have A Hispanic President Soon

12/06/2013 12:45 pm ET | Updated Jan 25, 2014

Univision anchor Jorge Ramos stopped by "The Daily Show" on Thursday to discuss exactly how the growing Hispanic population is changing the United States.

And yes, tortillas were mentioned.

“Everything’s changing,” Ramos said. “There are more tortillas being sold in this country than hamburger buns.”

We love when anyone cracks Stewart up, and that seemed to do the trick. “I feel like you’re doing my material back at me,” "The Daily Show" host replied.

But jokes aside, Ramos, who has never censored his stance on the importance of immigration reform, once again made it clear just how crucial the issue has become.

“Republicans have a problem, if they don’t pass immigration reform they can say adiós to the White House in 2016,” said Ramos. He assured Stewart that in this changing political landscape it is vital for any presidential candidate to win at least one third of the Hispanic vote in order to have a chance at becoming president.

He also thinks that for the first time in history there is a possibility of change in the White House.

“Hopefully very soon we’ll have our first Hispanic president,” he said.

The popular Mexican-born news anchor, who’s been at Univision for almost 30 years, recently got his own show on Fusion titled “América.” It is his first show in English.

“I’m an immigrant, so I just need to get a lot of jobs,” Ramos told Stewart.

Watch the clip above.

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