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'The Vampire Diaries': Elena Trapped, Horrified By Damon's Confession (VIDEO)

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Damon wasn't the only one who wound up in the hands of the Augustines on "The Vampire Diaries." Elena wound up captured as well. She found out that Aaron's family was behind Damon's capture back in the '50s, though Aaron didn't know this. Damon confessed the story of his capture and eventual escape. He left a friend, Enzo, to die in the fire that helped facilitate his escape. And he vowed to kill every member of Aaron's family save one each generation. A vow he apparently was still adhering to.

But even that wasn't to be the last shock for Elena. Aaron shot Damon after his confession about killing Aaron' entire family line -- almost every generation. By the time he awoke, Elena was gone. She awoke on a gurney, strapped in and ready for experimentation. On the gurney next to her was Enzo. He hadn't died all those years ago after all. Has he been trapped all this time?

E! Online's Jenna Mullins dubbed the entire episode one of the night's top "OMG TV Moments." TV Fanatic's Leigh Raines was worried for Damon. She wrote, "Now that Elena knows Enzo's alive and that Damon's been killing Aaron's whole family, well Damon's screwed.”

Come back next Thursday at 8 p.m. EST for the mid-season finale of "The Vampire Diaries" on The CW.

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