12/08/2013 11:34 am ET

Henry, Chihuahua That Was Shot For Target Practice And Tortured With Chemicals, Finds A Home

A tan Chihuahua mix named Henry may always have to wear the evidence of his traumatic past on his face, but he's looking forward to a new life now that he's found a new home.

Just weeks ago, Henry was found wandering the streets of New Mexico with visible chemical burns all over his body, including his face, paws, legs, and private areas. In addition to all of that, vets believe Henry's small frame was also used as target practice with a BB gun, since the pellets were found embedded in his chest.

"He was found on the run. He escaped somehow. They were never able to find out who did this to him," Floss Blackburn, the founder of Denkai Animal Sanctuary in Eaton, Colo. told 7News when Henry was brought in last week. "You just get more and more frustrated with people and the lack of kindness and compassion." (Story continues below the video detailing Henry's injuries.)

Even after enduring an undetermined amount of pain and cruelty at the hands of humans, the shelter's Dog Program Coordinator Cady McClure says he's learning to trust again.

"He is still soooo sweet. He wants to be loved on and will walk up to you then close his eyes and brace himself just hoping for a gentle touch," McClure said in a news release. "I love him though, he forgave humans and just wants snuggles! He was burned so bad his eyes were swollen shut. He can see now just fine, and is healing up, still lots of healing to do but doing well."

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