12/08/2013 10:21 am ET Updated Jan 25, 2014

Reddit Community Helps Reunite Owner With Missing Dog (PHOTOS)

Despite its penchant for snarky comments, Reddit has proved time and again that its online community has a heart.

It reaffirmed that this week when a woman's dog went missing in Texas, and Reddit users helped find him.

On Sunday, user P1percub posted a photo of Jack, her missing pit bull-lab mix, along with a plea for help on a Houston subreddit:

Please help [me] find my lost dog. He was hit by a truck... in the Med Center this morning. I've been looking for him non-stop. My cell # is on his collar, but if you see him PLEASE help me bring him home.

P1piercub wrote that the truck had taken off after hitting Jack. The dog, meanwhile, got up and ran away before she could catch him.

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The photo received more than 40,000 views, and Redditors continued to offer support while P1percub searched local clinics and shelters for Jack. At one point, Reddit user Hominine sighted the dog in a local grocery store's parking lot but was unable to get a hold of him.

Then, Reddit user MycroStanza put P1percub in touch with a man who had contacts of several locals involved in animal rescue. And soon enough, P1percub got the call she'd been waiting for.

On Monday, she wrote an update:

One of the women on [MycroStanza's] list had an extra 15 mins to kill before she picked up her daughter from school, so she drove to the Baylor area where Jack had been lost and called me on my cell to tell me she had him in sight. I RAN straight to where she was, as fast as I could (even hopped in the back of a truck for a block of the distance when a Good Samaritan saw me sprinting and offered).

Hominine saw me then, and asked if we'd seen a dog. And I was like "It's my dog! I'm looking for my dog!" -- and that's when we made the Reddit connection. I could have hugged him right then. We quickly found the woman with eyes on the dog and Jack seemed pretty freaked out but came right over to me. OMG. There just aren't words.

I thanked them both and rushed Jack home, called his vet who said he could see him with just enough time to spare that I could give Jack some (vet approved) cool water and a chance to chill out a bit, and me enough time to post that he was found ... I think there's a rule that Jack and I both look terrible in all selfies I take, but I don't even care. I'm just so unbelievably happy. The vet says he's totally fine, just some scrapes and bruises. He gave me some pain meds for Jack, and I had Jack chipped and filled out the paperwork for his chip while we were there. I feel like I owe the world (and Reddit) a whole sh*t load of karma right now. :)

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The Internet Saved My Life
The Internet Saved My Life