Mika Brzezinski On 'Morning Joe': 'That Just Went Off The Rails' (VIDEO)

12/10/2013 10:12 am ET

Things got pretty weird on "Morning Joe" Tuesday morning between co-hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski, and to be honest, no one really quite knew what was going on.

It all started with Scarborough accusing Brzezinski of "liking Dick Cheney" more than just a friend.

"I think you kind of have a crush on him," he said. "I think you kind of like him." And he just kept going on about it.

"Should I punch him?" Brzezinski asked the rest of the roundtable guests. Luckily, Willie Geist was on board.

We wish we could tell you what exactly happened next-- it involved Scarborough talking about a Rolls Royce and Grey Poupon -- but we really couldn't follow and apparently, neither could Brzezinski.

"Oh my god, that just went off the rails," she said, turning again to Geist. "What just happened, Willie?"

Geist, like the rest of us, felt more lost than ever.

"I'm not sure where we just went there."

Watch the video for the full clip.

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