12/10/2013 10:39 am ET Updated Dec 13, 2013

The Countdown to Christmas (GIFS)

Are you a Christmas Person? Do you make a Christmas playlist the day after Halloween? Do you own a solid week's worth of reindeer sweaters? (Be honest, now.)

We're here for you.

To help you count down to your favorite day of the whole year, we've teamed up with our friends at Netflix. It can be a bumpy ride, but we're confident you'll make it through.

Here's a guide to your emotional journey throughout the holiday season.

  • 1 You hear Christmas music for the first time.
    In the middle of pumpkin spice season, of all times.
  • 2 You hear Christmas music for the second time.
    Image via Tumblr.
    It's starting to sound good. Reeeeeal good.
  • 3 And you get your first good taste of Christmas cheer.
    Image via Giphy.
    Tastes like: peppermint, sugar, spice, and HAPPINESS.
  • 4 Then, in a flash, the weather starts to turn...
    Image via thefw.com
  • 5 And suddenly...
    Image via Giphy
  • 6 You've got spirit.
    Image via Wifflegif
  • 7 Yes, you do.
    Image via Giphy
    You're going to win Christmas this year.
  • 8 Christmas can't come soon enough.
    Image via Giphy.
  • 9 You plan your holiday shopping with such precision and stealth that it borders on creepy.
    Image via imgur
  • 10 You know you'll find the perfect gifts for your friends and family...
    Image via Wifflegif.
  • 11 ....even that one person who's impossible to shop for.
    Image via Tumblr.
  • 12 Before you know it, it's Christmas Eve and you haven't finished your shopping...
  • 13 ...and you go into complete shutdown mode.
    Image via Giphy
  • 14 But you make it through, because there's really nothing better than getting together with your loved ones...
    Image via Giphy.
  • 15 ...gathering around the fire...
    Image via Giphy.
  • 16 And letting them know how you really feel.
    Image via Tumblr.
  • 17 Happy holidays from Netflix!
    Image via Giphy

Despite all the stress that the holidays can bring, you can always find time to relax. Get together with your loved ones and some Netflix and keep that Christmas spirit alive.

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