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Retail Task Force Sets Roadmap To Address Racial Profiling

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The Rev. Al Sharpton, standing with Mark Lee, top center left, CEO of Barneys New York, addresses member of the media Tuesday, Oct. 29, 2013, at the National Action Headquarters in New York, after they and other community leaders discussed allegations of racial profiling after customers were arrested outside the store after making legal purchases. Two black customers recently claimed they were detained by police on suspicion of credit card fraud after lawfully purchasing expensive items. (AP Pho | ASSOCIATED PRESS

NEW YORK — Rev. Al Sharpton outlined concrete steps for dealing with racial profiling and “shop and frisk” at stores in New York City at a press briefing Monday morning that followed a retail task force meeting.

Sharpton said retailers and civil rights groups hammered out a Customers’ Bill of Rights, listing what consumers can and cannot expect when they shop in stores here. The Bill of Rights is expected to be posted this week in major retail stores, as well as on retailers’ and the Retail Council of New York’s Web sites.

Sharpton said the task force is also calling for incoming New York Police Commissioner William Bratton’s involvement.

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