12/10/2013 12:29 pm ET

Rob Delaney Perfectly Explains Why We Should Make The World Better For Women

Richard Cartwright via Getty Images

Rob Delaney, we salute you.

The Twitter-famous comedian did a Reddit AMA this week, and it only made us love the funnyman more.

Redditor saucyemma praised Delaney for being outspoken on women's issues, and asked what the reaction has been from his fans. Delaney's response was essentially perfect:

You are very kind! The response is primarily very positive. I just want to show that you can be a blustery hairy "alpha" male and a feminist at the same time. Plus, I love affirmative action. Misogyny will almost definitely outlast homophobia and racism on this planet and it's because of systems that were put in place forever ago and assiduously maintained and strengthened over the years. So we've got to tear those down. And when I say "we," that includes men. And guess what? MY LOT, as a straight white man, IMPROVES when women's lot improves. A rising tide raises all ships > there are more women then men on the planet > if we improve women's lot, the world is BETTER FOR EVERYONE. HOW DO PEOPLE NOT REALIZE THIS? It infuriates me, then I turn that fury into jokes, essays, basic human kindness and hard work to try and make the world a better place for everyone. WOE unto the man who doesn't actively try to make the world better for women. Regardless of one's spiritual beliefs, his soul will be torn apart by neon griffins in hell.


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