12/10/2013 05:59 pm ET Updated Jan 25, 2014

19 Reasons Why Shopping Is Actually The Worst

We know what you're thinking: It's absolutely insane for fashion editors to admit how much they despise shopping. But we're just being honest here. Sometimes, shopping is kind of the worst pastime. It can be stressful, it can be annoying and it actually physically hurts.

So next time you think about going shopping to make yourself feel better and lift your spirits, read this very real list. Here are the 19 things that actually making "shopping 'til you drop" a miserable endeavor.

1. Having to take your clothes, jacket included, on and off again

Shopping in the winter can induce some serious rage.

2. Getting accosted by perfume ladies in the department stores

Thank you, but no, we would not like to sample the fifth perfume you've tried to push on us.

3. Spending ten minutes searching through a pile of clothes looking for your size

Well, looks like that was time wasted, because they don't have your size. They even "checked in the back."

4. Navigating the massive shoe sales in department stores

Shoes are thrown everywhere, babies are crying and the salesperson said he would be back with your size thirty minutes ago...

Macy's aftermath (boots)

5. Battling that one girl for the last item on sale in your size

It's truly a race when you get to those sale racks, and whoever grabs the item first is the winner (and snagging clothing from other girls' hands also seems to be acceptable behavior).

6. Dealing with the crowded mall during the holiday season

This also applies to normal weekends. Dodging people in a crowd is an acquired skill.

Crowded Mall

7. Enduring the loud techno blasting in every store

Sometimes it feels like we need earplugs just to buy clothing.

8. Being assaulted by smells in overly fragrant stores

We're looking at you, Abercrombie & Fitch.

9. Getting blinded by the intense lighting in every store...

Seriously, we're not blind. You don't need to use stage lights for us to adequately see the clothes.

10. ... or having to squint to read the price-tag on that dress you want

On the other hand, some stores get a little too in the mood. If it's too dark for us to see how much something costs, we're never going to buy anything.

11. Getting ignored by a completely unhelpful salesperson

Don't try to act like you don't work here. You're wearing a name-tag.

12. Dodging the overly enthusiastic salesperson

We literally just stepped into the store and you're already asking us twenty questions...

13. Sweating in fitting rooms that are really hot

After taking off and putting on five outfits, it's like a sauna in those rooms.

14. Having to try on your clothes in front of everyone at a large communal mirror

Not every woman feels comfortable modeling clothing in front of complete strangers. Plus, sometimes we really don't want to hear what a random sales associate has to say about how a dress looks on our bodies. Mirrors in the dressing rooms, please!

15. Getting duped into buying the $5 deals near the cash register

Nope, you really didn't need that lipgloss-keychain.


16. Stuffing yourself with junky, gross food because there's nothing else to eat within a mile

We didn't really want Panda Express, but our hangry feelings made us do it.


17. Getting home and realizing you hate everything you bought

Was it because you were under some strange "shopper's high" in the moment? This is just typical.

18. Feeling like you just ran a marathon after only two hours of shopping

Everything in your body hurts... and the worst is your migraine.

19. Checking your bank account after a delirious day of shopping and feeling like you did this...

Where did all your money go? Oh yeah, you basically made it rain today at the mall.

Yeah, we prefer to do our shopping here:

Our Favorite Online Shopping Sites
Our Favorite Online Shopping Sites

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