12/11/2013 09:13 am ET

Origami Artist Wants To Create A Life-Size Elephant From One Single Sheet Of Paper

His name is Sipho Mabona, he's a professional origami artist and he wants to create a life-size replica of an elephant from one single sheet of paper. He just needs $24,000 to do it.

Yup, Mabona has taken to Indiegogo to crowdfund his folding dreams, asking for your money so that he can build a 10-foot-tall elephant from a piece of paper measuring 50 by 50 feet. He's promised to install two cameras that will live video stream the whole endeavor, "so you, your friends and family can watch us." (By us, he means himself and his three assistants, because this whacky adventure is going to take more than a pair of hands.)

Into it? Then, by all means, help out his cause here. Wondering why it would take $24k for the origami miracle to happen? You're not alone. For more feats of paper, check out paper artist Nguyen Hung Cuong's works below.

h/t Animal New York

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