"Sriracha," a 33-minute film all about everyone's favorite condiment, debuted online Wednesday.

What started as a Kickstarter campaign turned into a movie that takes filmmaker Griffin Hammond from the Huy Fong Foods factory, where the ubiquitous rooster sauce is made, to the town of Si Racha, Thailand, where sriarcha hot sauce originated.

If any subject was prime for a documentary, it is definitely the spicy sauce with the massive cult following. Its backstory is somewhat mysterious, and its fans are zealous. In the last few months, the Huy Fong Food factory has been all over the news with a lawsuit over "offensive odors" resulting in the factory's partial shutdown. While fans everywhere wonder what will become of the factory, sriracha products -- like the recently released sriracha vodka -- continue to inundate the market.

If you haven't yet tired of this extraordinarily trendy hot sauce, you can watch the documentary online for only $5.

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