12/12/2013 11:37 am ET Updated Jan 25, 2014

8 People Who Are 'Miami Famous'

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Chalk it up to the natural New York-Miami rivalry: some weeks back we saw a list of "celebrities who are only famous to people who live in New York," and, well, we wanted our own. Certainly the "real" celebs who live in Miami can rival the glitz of Manhattan's People Mag superstars, but the 305 has its local stars, too! From smoked-fish-shack king Jimbo Luznar to the Bionic Ballerina, our fair city is stocked with characters only real Miami residents know and love.

Below, find just a handful of our favorites -- and let us know who your favorite "Miami Famous" folks are in the comments.

  • David W. Singer
    Every other commercial growing up in Miami-Dade was this guy. Hopefully he's since switched to energy efficient bulbs.
  • Don Bailey
    Miami's own "naked carpet guy" made like Burt Reynolds to sell furry flooring -- and became a local billboard legend.
  • Bicycle Thong Guy
    His real name is Armando 'AJ' Sardinia, and you have spotted him everywhere from Coconut Grove to Miami Beach. Could he be the most photographed Miamian not named LeBron? Every time Sardinia takes a ride, our Twitter is flooded with pics.
  • Mitchell Chonin
    New York can have its boring old Naked Cowboy. For decades, this Hialeah-born dancing hippie has entertained Lincoln Road pedestrians with his twirling disco routines, almost always in platform shoes. Fun fact: Mitchell Chonin doesn't just take it to the streets -- you can even hire him for parties.
  • Ron Magill
    Zoo Miami's Ron Magill has been Dade's own badass for decades, from wrangling black leopards and monacled cobras on the set of "Miami Vice" to saving flamingos in a bathroom during Hurricane Andrew to his dictator-quality hair to Emmy-nominated nature documentaries. Everywhere you turn, there's Ron Magill, being awesome in and for Miami.
  • Michael Baiamonte
    To be honest, most Miamians probably don't even know what Michael Baiamonte even looks like. But once those dulcet tones drop, it doesn't take "DOS MINUTOS!" to get hype in a Pavlovian response to his voice.
  • The Raven
    Facebook/Sara Hirschler
    Where you've seen him: running 8 miles on Miami Beach at dusk every single day since January 1, 1975 -- a streak of nearly 39 years that 63-year-old Robert "Raven" Kraft has carried through hurricanes, food poisoning, and severe back pain. Dressed in black, he's always joined by a running crowd of regulars, strays, and tourists.
  • Brazilian Butt Lift Billboard Lady
    We'd know that backside anywhere.


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