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Is This The Craziest 'Only In Miami' Roundup Yet?

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What with Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, the onset of Christmas, championship weather, and the annual carnival known as Art Basel, it's been an epic two weeks in Miami.

Add the usual 305-flavored hijinks inherent in this tropical Babylon, and you've got yourselves perhaps the most epic "only in Miami" roundup of all time.

Check out the most quintessential tweets and instagrams hashtagged #onlyinMiami below, from two lanes of wrong-way drivers on I-95 to the world's largest spinning dreidel made of seashells to two -- er -- voluptuous ladies at Art Basel to a road sign that's obviously Photoshopped but totally correct in spirit:

Romy Romy
Rabid woman driver, on the phone, hair in curlers, screaming at children on a crosswalk "move your ass!"

Kara Docherty
Pickup truck blows past me in the crosswalk with only inches to spare

Shyster Sweetwater mayor tried to cash in pension before corruption plea -

Hurricane Anisa
Got a tan by accident and it's winter season

Michael Gonzalez
Was this lady seriously just reading a book while driving ???

Eurotrash tourists taking a picture of a sidewalk hotdog vendor.

tickle my pickle ;)

Liana Lozada
WHY do I have two fresh mosquito bites in December?!?!

Erik Kardatzke
Decorated the Christmas tree last night with the A/C running.

Melinda Vallejo
You know it's Christmas time when mi burrito savanero come on power 96 😂

I woke up for Orlando a half hour ago, & can't go back to sleep cuz a freaking rooster has been screaming for the last 20 mins

Just saw a man in a bikini, and a mustang rear end a maseratti on the same block

Looks like I'll be going swimming on Christmas day

Jennifer Michelle
A dog wearing steampunk sunglasses and an elf hat, sitting in a baby stroller at the restaurant table with its owners.

Alfredo InaCube
Monthly trip to get a Frita in Calle 8

Cari Menéndez
It's 75 degrees outside. What on earth is this lady doing wearing boots and a scarf?

Adriana Catano
At the beauty salon in "my latin neighborhood" & cubans b like "y mi blue too?" Instead of "where's my blue tooth?" 😂😂

Luis Andrew
Hot Latinas speaking Spanglish with Caribbean accent...

Jacob Hillman
Just received an email that makes me wonder if people just casually have a Brazilian visa.

Matt LeFay
No snow or ice and the power is already out?

It's 77 degrees and people are wearing scarves and sweaters?

Bella L.
These 2 men are really walking around selling boxes of Post Cereal dique 2 por un peso 😂

Omg this Papa John's advertisement at the game dude just said "papa johns I'm sweatin"

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