This Is How To Pull Off An All-White Wedding

12/15/2013 02:50 pm ET
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By Kellee Khalil for

While we're never ones to shy away from a bright, bold color palette of dazzling blues or radiant orchid, but there's something so classically bridal about white...all white. And we especially love this look for a modern winter wedding. Crisp white linens, white flickering tea lights, and various blooms without a single hue in's fresh, sophisticated, and oh-so-chic. Forget everything you know about the so-called "rules" your mother taught you: it's actually OK to wear white after Labor Day, and your 'maids will shine in a white gown right next to you. (We'd like to thank Pippa for reminding us how much we love this trend!) Get more white wedding inspiration below.

A mix of white and ivory gives this tablescape depth and warmth.

Our favorite white stems? Hydrangeas, of course -- the quintessential bridal flower.

We love this fresh approach to bridesmaid dresses.

Of course, an all white menu is probably not the best choice, but a white signature cocktail and cake duo is the perfect ways to start and end the night.

Pretty prints and eclectic fonts are always a favorite, but a classic invitation suite is one of our favorite ways to stay "traditional."

White orchids, roses, peonies, and tulips...can you think of a more luxurious combination?

Having an outdoor ceremony? Cover your chairs in white cushions or chair covers.

We love this minimalist approach to decor.

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