12/16/2013 09:00 am ET | Updated Jan 25, 2014

Donut Flavors, In Order From Worst To Best (PHOTOS)

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Doughnuts are one of the world's magic tricks that allow us to eat cake for breakfast. That, in addition to their portability and endless flavor options make them one of our favorite things to pair with morning coffee. But doughnuts come in many shapes, sizes and flavors, so which one's the best? In fact, how do you even define what is and isn't a doughnut (or donut, if you insist)?

We've tried to sort this out in an orderly manner. Below, you'll find most of the doughnuts we could think of, in order from worst to best. Take a deep breath, make a wish on your favorite doughnut, and we'll get started.

  • Just stop it with this already.
  • 19 Powdered Cake
    Shana Novak via Getty Images
  • 18 Blueberry Cake
    How Sweet It Is
  • 17 Chocolate Cake
  • 16 Apple Fritter
    Kind of like 100 tiny doughnuts stuck together and fried.
  • 15 Old Fashioned Chocolate
  • 14 Powdered Jelly
    Shana Novak via Getty Images
    Delicious, but the mess.
  • 12 Strawberry Frosted
    Hate to admit it, but kind of irresistible.
  • 11 Old Fashioned
  • A whole bar of doughnut? Yes, please.
  • 9 Chocolate Iced
    Marc Gutierrez via Getty Images
  • 8 Frosted with Sprinkles
    David Freund via Getty Images
    It's hard to argue with the appeal of sprinkles on a doughnut. There's a reason they're iconic.
  • 7 Glazed Cake
    Matthew O'Shea via Getty Images
  • 6 Sugared Apple Cider
  • 5 Apple Cider
  • 4 Glazed Jelly
    Eric Anthony Johnson via Getty Images
    There is a whole Jewish holiday devoted to this doughnut, guys.
  • 3 Butternut
    This doughnut has tiny coconut streusel crumbs stuck to it. How could that be bad?
  • 2 Boston Cream
    Cathy Scola via Getty Images
    This doughnut is filled with pastry cream, man. It's like an eclair's bossy big sister.
  • 1 Glazed
    Brian Hagiwara via Getty Images
    This doughnut is the best doughnut. If a glazed doughnut is hot out of the fryer, this is even less arguable.

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